This summer I am pleased to be available to personally teach private classes at your villa, Hotel or any other location. 
Know that my Yoga specialty is in helping people recover from injurys. In the UK I teach with the retired community, and to children in school ages 2-18, including special needs young adults. For more info on my current work in the UK and access to some free classes, or online class options please check out ...



 Since 2002 Yoga in Rhodes has offered Yoga classes, Camps & Retreats, Healing Workshops, Holistic Therapies and promoted Art of Living seminars. Be welcome to join our events, or organise your own with us. We seek to improve your Mind, Body & satisfy the Soul through the ancient art of yoga.
  The aim…..to spread more, health, love, peace and happiness around in a world truly in need of it….

Just contact us for classes, holiday plans, or creating an activity/workshop of your own.
Om Shanti, much peace to everyone.

For a calm place to enjoy your own Yoga practice go to